Community Meeting on Landslide Risk

December 22nd, 2014 by Voice of Vashon

A Community Meeting on Landslide Risk
Presented by VashonBePrepared
October 29th, 2014 at McMurray School

• Why does the risk of landslide matter here?
• Exactly what are the risks on Vashon?
• How can we identify risks and what can we do about them?
• What have our organizations been doing to get ready?

Speakers include:
• Rick Wallace from VashonBePrepared.
• Seri Ann Shaw and her parents, whose cabin was wiped out by the Oso slide.
• Dr. Tom Devries and Steve Kicinski on the science and practicalities of landslide risk and mitigation on Vashon.
• Disaster prevention and recovery expert Shelby Edwards.
• Vashon Island Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief George Brown.

Our special honorees for the evening were Catherine and Michael Cochrane, long time leaders of the famous Vashon Community Emergency Response Team program.