October 10th, 2022 by VoV

Our annual, over-the-top KVSH Birthday Bash Lip-Sync Battle fundraiser.

Video currently missing for copyright reasons- coming back soon!



And the Top 3 Contestants going to the Lip Sync Finalé are…..
But wait!! Four contestants you say??? Kinda – here’s what we are doing.
One of our top 3 contestants – Chris Boscia – is unable to compete in the Finale – Sadness!
But that means we get to include 1 more contestant at the Live Stream Finale!! 

Now for the Drumroll Pleeezzz… 

The Top Contestants performing at the Lip Sync Finale Bash in random order are . . .  

Michael Whitmore
Dr. Dana Ness
Jon Kuzma
Chris Boscia


Jonathan Kuzma, Dr. Dana Ness, Michael Whitmore
Phin & Xavier, Chris Boscia, Axel Codd

Many thanks to these incredibly talented islanders and huge thank you to West McLean and Shelley Hannah for producing these videos! 


This year features several outstanding acts by some of our island’s most surprising talents, including; well – go check them out on our website! Each of the show’s stars, as well as their crews, have put in countless hours creating and perfecting their acts, and they’ve done so for good purpose; to help keep Voice of Vashon strong for our community. This is one FUN fundraising event! Viewers, too, get to participate by voting for their favorite performer, and thereby supporting Vashon’s homegrown community radio, TV and emergency alert system. 

Here’s How It Works
The community can cast votes for their faves.
$1.00 = 1 vote

Vote lots and vote often to keep Vashon’s only community broadcast radio, TV and emergency alerts systems going strong in the months and years to come!
 The top three contestants will battle it out and you can vote real time from the comfort of your living room to crown the People’s Choice winner. 

Who will be the winner of the People’s Choice Award? Keep voting during the event to see!
Who will win the coveted Golden Lips Award? With so much talent, no one knows! 

Please make your pledge of $1 per vote from your phone or online.
Then watch at 7 PM on Oct 27 as the top performers battle it out LIVE.
You are guaranteed to be entertained!

And bonus! Check us out Facebook
and  Instagram @voiceofvashon for community lip sync clips from some of your favorites around town. 


Voice of Vashon gives special thanks Vashon Pharmacy for being a major sponsor two years running, as well as to Contestant Sponsors: Palouse Winery, Pandora’s Box, Nashi Orchards, IGA two years running and Fair Isle Animal Clinic, and Open Space venue sponsors Giraffe and Camp Colvos.