PSA ~ Groundwater

February 3rd, 2021 by VoV

If you’re an Islander, living on either Vashon or Maury Island, the chances are good that your house gets its water from a well: maybe your own well, maybe a well shared with neighbors. And, listen, some of the best drinking water on the Island comes from wells. But if you’ve been at it for a while you know that a well needs tending. Wells develop problems that only attention from its owner can fix. If you have a well, you need to know something about wells. Enter the Vashon-Maury Island Groundwater Protection Committee, which is hosting a free Q&A session for private well owners with Vashon well guru, Bob Seibold, on Wednesday, February 17th from 7 to 8PM. You can sign up at to get expert advice on how to keep your well in good working order and your water clean and safe; and, while you’re there, you can sign up to volunteer for the Groundwater Committee’s new Safe Wells Monitoring Program and keep up with the inside skinny for the informed well-owner. This has been a Voice of Vashon Public Service Announcement, Island Well-ness Department.

Pull date: Feb. 17, 2021

Contact: Mary Bruno