REALTalk ~ Bill Bernat ~ Comedy for Mental Health

November 10th, 2020 by Susan McCabe

Whatever happens with national politics, we all need to laugh at ourselves. So, host Susan McCabe has invited comic, TED speaker, and mental health awareness advocate, Bill Bernat, to REALTalk this week – the week after “Election Day” 2020. Bill is a recovering addict living with bipolar condition who advocates for mental health awareness. Bill has tips for managing your own mental health in hard times, as well as how to support your loved ones’ mental health. He does this with self-effacing comedy and candor. Bill has appeared on Comedy Central and The Moth Radio Hour as well as TED with his message of mental health management.

His website is intended for organizations to deal with depression and anxiety among co-workers.

Tune in for a welcome laugh. It’s sure to be REAL.