REALTalk ~ Dr. Sandra Steingraber ~ UnFracking

September 17th, 2019 by Susan McCabe

Dr. Sandra Steingraber

Just when you were feeling helpless against the big corporations that are fouling the Earth, along comes news of a community that fought and won — for the whole state of New York. Dr. Sandra Steingraber, biologist, author, cancer survivor and activist led the charge out of Ithaca College to New York’s legislature and won the battle to ban fracking in the entire state. Vashon Theatre recently screened “Unfracking,”  the documentary based on Steingraber’s successful campaign to save her hometown, the lakes around her and the people of New York from the disastrous effects of fracking…and natural gas.  Tune in as Dr. Steingraber tells host Susan McCabe how hard work and commitment still work for ‘the rest of us.’ It’s sure to be REAL.