REALTalk ~ Tag Gornall ~ Plankton

March 4th, 2020 by Susan McCabe

The titillating life cycle of Plankton and Phytoplankton could help to save our Earth. And, this week’s REALTalk guest oughta know. He is Dr. Tag Gornall, one of the world’s foremost Marine Mammal Veterinarians. In fact, as an official HUGE animal veterinarian he worked with the heart and diving studies of Namu, the first orca in captivity. He worked with sea otters during the Exxon-Valdez oil spill and has helped design aquariums around the world.

He has been consulting veterinarian for the Seattle Aquarium, Pt. Defiance Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, and other national and international aquariums. He has even consulted on movies about marine life, including Free Willy 2.

And on REALTalk this week he’s going small, down to whale nectar — phytoplankton — how it can sequester carbon and maybe slow global warming. All we have to do is protect the whales. Tune in to find out how. It’s sure to be REAL.