REALTalk ~ Vashon Biodigester

May 28th, 2019 by Susan McCabe

Ribbon cutting for Vashon’s Bio-Digester

Vashon’s Big Stomach  
Last year it was an idea.  This year Vashon’s own Bio-Digester is a reality, and it’s working its magic behind the Island Spring Tofu factory.  The over-simplified definition of a Bio-Digester is that it’s a big stomach.  This one, placed on Vashon in a collaboration between Zero Waste Vashon and Impact Bioenergy, will eventually take the Islands’ waste and turn it into fuel, fertilizer and more…leaving no waste.  Host Susan McCabe will talk with Impact Bioenergy’s president Jan Allen, and community engagement officer Srirup Kumar, along with Zero Waste Vashon’s Gib Dammann, to get the details about our bio-digester’s current and future capacity to contribute to Vashon’s potential as a laboratory for reversing climate change. This move is thrilling, hopeful and REAL. Tune in and get excited.