Renée Marceau ~ Shaping Beauty From Nature

June 26th, 2024 by Sally Jean Fox

How can assembling found objects from nature into beautiful creations help us to notice the natural world more?

Renée Marceau is an assemblage artist who creates magic and small sculptures from found objects. Her art springs from her love of nature and ability to see natural objects in new ways.

“Assemblage is a type of sculpture that uses everyday objects, also known as “found” objects, to create a three-dimensional composition. The objects are often unexpected and non-traditional, and they may retain some of their original identity while taking on new aesthetic or symbolic meanings within the context of the piece.” (Quote from Google AI)

Renée’s habit of gathering objects from nature began early and has continued. Today her studio drawers are filled with relics.

Her early forays into the wild instilled a curiosity for the often overlooked or hidden parts of nature. In 2011, after a year of deep nature immersion, farming, and beekeeping, she began creating assemblages that combined pieces from her growing collection of natural objects and old farming and ancestral artifacts. This opened a whole new world of creativity for her.

Her curiosity about other cultures and traditional skills led her to study basketry, leather work, spinning, and felting. All of these skills and materials influence her 3D assemblages and the stories they tell.

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