The Klatch ~ 1.25.2022 ~ Kate O’Kane

January 26th, 2022 by Linda Nygaard, Heidi Skryzpek, and Susan McCabe

What a treat! Vashon’s own Cate O’Kane, known for her humor, her acting, and her all around “good person” attributes, regaled us with stories, observations, and opinions! Haling from Northern England, and having just returned from a 3-month stay,she has a unique perspective on UK and US similarities, differences, and misunderstandings. Her research and consultancy on women’s health (As a development consultant, she is currently working with the UN and the US government) has unearthed some information that may surprise you.

I think we may have used one or two of the FCC’s prohibited words, too, and I’m worried about that. Think George Carlin.

We talked of pirates, cake, Boris, driving habits… much in so little time! I hope you have time to listen.