The Klatch ~ 5.11.2021 ~ Communication

May 11th, 2021 by Linda Nygaard, Heidi Skrzypek, and Susan McCabe

Meta-talking about . . . Talking
The Klatch invites you for an hour of table talk. Please join Heidi Skryzpek, Susan McCabe, and Linda Nygaard as they delve into subjects we all might think about but maybe don’t say out loud. Along the way, some humor will pop, too. (They can’t help it.) This week, they will explore how we talk to each other…how we do it, or don’t do it, like it, resent it, or don’t care about it. Subjects range from small talk, to apologies, or condolences, to other interesting circumstances that require our attention.
Come to The Klatch and explore our wild world of communication! There will be surprising stories. Guaranteed.