AG Bob Ferguson Speaking At Vashon Rotary ~ Audio

April 6th, 2017 by Susan McCabe

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson spoke at the Vashon Rotary Club’s weekly meeting  Thursday, April 6 as part of his goal to visit every rotary club in the state.

Ferguson has made headlines recently as his office was the first to file a suit against the federal government in January, seeking a temporary restraining order to stop President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The order was granted and an appeal from the federal government was denied. Ferguson has said the decision was a complete victory for the state of Washington.

He is now turning his attention to educating the state about the Attorney General’s Office, which handles a variety of issues from upholding the Consumer Protection Act and ensuring laws against anti-competitive business practices are enforced to investigating widespread identity theft and fraud.



This broadcast made possible in part by a King County Community Service Area grant.