VIC: The Life and Times of Victoria C. Woodhull, Future Presidentess

Radio theater presented by UMO Ensemble

Victoria C. Woodhull: Spiritualist. Suffragist. Free Lover… and in her time, the Most Famous Woman in the United States. In 1872, she ran for President. By the time of her death, she’d been nearly erased from history. Until now. 



Maria Glanz, Older Victoria
Anthony Winkler, Canning Woodhull, Commodore Vanderbilt, Abraham Lincoln
Tami Brockway Joyce, Tennessee Claflin
Jeannie Dougherty, Catharine Beecher
Elizabeth Klob, Roxy Claflin
David Godsey, Henry Ward Beecher, Karl Marx
Janet McAlpin, Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Lyam White, Demosthenes, James Blood 
Mik Kuhlman, Zulu Maude Woodhull 
Alyssa Keene, Younger Victoria
Ted Dowling, Buck Claflin, John Martin
Bob Williams, The Reporter, Frederick Douglass
Victoria Knox (Kate Kraay), Utica Claflin, Susan B. Anthony, Libby Tilton
Dylan Smith, Theodore Tilton, Soldier
Steffon Moody, Congressman Bingham, Judge
Jon Schroeder, Mark Twain, Anthony Comstock
Jason Webley, Preacher


Maria Glanz; Writer

Elizabeth Klob; director and producer

James Bigby Garver; Sound Designer

Jason Webley and Gretta Harley; Composers

Max Sarkowsky; Associate sound designer and engineer

Michael Hayes; Sound Technical director and photographer

Vanessa deWolf; dramaturg