Video Program Standards

Above All: A Vashon Voice

We strive to make Voice of Vashon truly a voice for Vashon. Our content providers must meet one of our two Vashon Voice standards when they submit programming. They must:

  • Have a Vashon connection. For example, they might live on Vashon or have lived on Vashon at one time or have performed on Vashon.


  • Provide content that connects to Vashon. For example, produce material about our community such as Vashon music, Vashon history, Vashon community issues and so on.

Legal and Non-Commercial

  • Programming must be non-commercial. We adhere to the non-commercial standards of U.S. public broadcasting organizations. For example:
    – A commercial organization should not exercise editorial control over VoV programming.
    – Perception matters, so the programming should not create a public perception that the programming is being aired to promote a commercial interest.
  • Voice of Vashon controls all underwriting of its programming and producers do not have permission to sell air time or underwriting positions on Voice of Vashon. We do welcome suggestions for funding and we work with producers to help them fund their work.
  • Programming must be legal. For example:
    – No libel, slander or invasion of privacy.
    – No danger of damage to property or injury. No threats against persons or organizations.
    – No presentation or promotion of lotteries except for state sponsored lotteries.
    – No violations of copyright or trademarks or licensing restrictions.
    – No use of the seven words identified in court cases as inappropriate for use on the public airways:

Content Standards

  • Programs should be no shorter than 15 minutes in length and no longer than two hours.
  • Programs should be modular, each module self-contained and able to stand alone, so we can combine submissions from different sources into blocks of programming.
  • Content providers should bring some precision to show length. A show may be a couple of minutes longer or shorter than its stated length, but every effort should be made to complete the show in its allotted time period.
  • We recommend, but do not require, including credits at the end of the show acknowledging the contributions of the producer, crew members, writer, actors, etc.


  • We prefer that providers submit their video programming via the digital drop box on the Voice of Vashon website at:
  • If you submit content on a DVD, the DVD must be without menus; must be able to play on a standard DVD player; and must not have any blank leader with countdown.

Technical Standards

  • Video should have no annoying production defects. Common problems are excessive zooming, shaky camera holding, poor lighting.
  • Video should meet basic technical quality standards, including:
    – No loss of video control track (glitches).
    – No incorrect color balance.
    – White levels not exceeding 100 IRE and black levels not below below 7.5 IRE.
  • Sound quality should be listenable. Common problems are muddy sound or echo, imbalance between singers or instruments, ambient noise, audio and video out of sync.
  • While recognizing the importance of promoting beginning artists, Voice of Vashon reserves the right to reject program submissions on the basis of poor quality.


  • We prefer that providers submit their programming via the digital drop box on the Voice of Vashon website at:
  • You may submit content on CD by mail to:
    Voice of Vashon
    P.O. Box 2397
    Vashon Island, WA 98070
  • You may also submit CDs and DVDs at Voice of Vashon drop boxes located at Vashon Print & Design and at the Vashon Roasterie.