CO2 Is Rising Fast, Professor Hansson Explains

September 30th, 2019 - Posted in

Synopsis: In a short interview with VOV Climate Watch, Professor H.C. Hansson at Stockholm University sends an important message on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the people of Vashon Producer:  Mark Hickling Runtime: 8 min Genre:  Documentary

REALTalk ~ Orcas ~ Howard Garrett

July 30th, 2019 - Posted in

Puget Sound’s Southern Resident Orcas are facing extinction.  They are treasures of our region, and many folks are taking up the fight to save them.  One man, Howard Garrett, has been following these incredible creatures for many years, chronicling their births, travels, deaths and human interactions via the Orca Network.  Join host and extreme bicycler […]

Greg Wessel and the Stockholm Summit

July 23rd, 2019 - Posted in

Travel to Stockholm with Vashon geologist Greg Wessel to meet international geoscientists grappling with climate change. Synopsis:  Follow Vashon Island geologist Greg Wessel as he travels to Stockholm, Sweden, for the first-ever Geoscience & Society Summit — a meeting he conceived and has been working on for years.  Up-close interviews reveal top concerns of international geoscientists […]

Whodathunk a bunch of geoscientists would get together to talk about Climate Change?  But they did this March in Stockholm, Sweden.  AND, they were organized by Vashon Island’s own Greg Wessel. Geologist Greg Wessel, who helped create the Geoscience and Society Summit in Stockholm, will join host Susan McCabe to deliver the ideas that bubbled […]