Inspired Island ~ Michael Meade

July 23rd, 2019 by Grace McRae

Michael Meade

In this episode, we meet Vashon’s resident philosopher and mythologist Michael Meade! Michael is a renowned storyteller and author, tapping into ancient myths and ancestral sources of wisdom to help us see the world today.
He is the founder of Mosaic Voices, a nonprofit that is dedicated to community healing by supporting and educating at-risk youth, refugees, combat veterans, and communities in need.
Join host Grace McRae to hear how Michael got involved in street gangs while growing up in New York City, and how a gift Michael received on his thirteenth birthday changed the course of his life. Michael explains why he believes facts alone never tell the full truth, how facing and healing one’s wounds can often uncover one’s purpose in life, and why he loves those bumper stickers calling to “Keep Vashon Weird.”