PSA ~ LEARN Saves Lives #3 – Ask Directly

November 17th, 2020 by VoV

“…I lost my oldest son, Devon… I advocate for everyone to be open and direct… asking others about thoughts of killing themselves…”

It’s hard to be direct about tough topics, especially suicide. But what if you knew that asking the direct question would save your child, or spouse, or parent? Of course you would ask the question. But how? You can learn how to ask it by learning how to LEARN…a step-by-step, easy to understand suicide prevention technique. It’s as important as sharing food with a loved one.

The A in LEARN stands for Ask Directly.

Click to hear a father, Phil Taylor, share his experience about suicide.


LEARN Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Tips

LOOK for Signs
EMPATHIZE and Listen
ASK Directly About Suicide
REMOVE the Dangers

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