Vashon: Then & Now #2 – Point Robinson Lighthouse

June 28th, 2016 by Bruce Haulman

In the second episode of “Vashon: Then & Now”, the show turns it’s cameras to the eastern most tip of the island to examine Point Robinson and it’s modest but stalwart one hundred year old lighthouse. Once a vital link in the safe passage of ships up and down Puget Sound, the lighthouse is now a tourist destination and learning center for those interested in how things were done not so very long ago.

Co-hosts Lisa Reeves and Bruce Haulman, reporter Chris Austin and newsreader Jeff Hoyt explore the history, the science and the human stories behind an island treasure. Special appearances from Captain Joseph Wubbold, Mirabelle Anderson, Jens Pedersen and museum curator Jessica DeWire.

Produced for Voice of Vashon by Susan McCabe “Vashon: Then & Now” is made possible by a grant from King County’s 4 Culture.