Bruce & Bob RODE the Divide! 

April 1st, 2023 - Posted in

A VoV Special w/ Jeff Hoyt Thursday, 12pm It’s been about six months since Jeff Hoyt hosted Bob Horsley (who’d left the ride a few weeks earlier) at the Jean Bosch studio so that the pair could catch up to Bob’s good friend and cycling partner Bruce Morser. Bruce had just reached the Mexican border […]

After 2,500 miles on gravel bikes along the Great Divide Trail, Bruce Morser is finding the final 200 miles to be among the most difficult. It’s not so much about grade or elevation as it is the weather. Spin-off storm remnants from Hurricane Ian have kept the rain pouring down, forcing Bruce and King Harald […]

With just 200 miles remaining to reach the Mexican border, Bruce Morser & King Harald have run into some very tough terrain, plus one storm after another. Bob Horsley again joins Jeff Hoyt in the KVSH studio for a conversation with Bruce & Harald, who are waiting for the storms to pass from an old […]

After an 11-day gap between conversations, Jeff Hoyt & Bob Horsley (back home on Vashon after leaving the ride early) catch up with Bruce Morser & (King) Harald in Northern New Mexico. Bruce was slowed recently by his own medical challenges but the guys got to recuperate in the mountain home of Vashon friends Sue […]

In our first episode covering Bruce Morser & Bob Horsley’s bike ride along the Continental Divide, they talked about the what-ifs, including “what if one of us can’t continue?”That scenario began to unfold just a few hours after we recorded our last conversation.Bob began to feel the effects of altitude and it got bad enough […]

Morser & Horsley have made it to the high country of Colorado. The air is getting thinner. The nights are getting colder. And the climbs are getting steeper. Through it all, one thing doesn’t seem to change: Wherever these guys find themselves, they just keep meeting fascinating and unforgettable characters. 

The Great Divide ride continues to astound Bruce & Bob. In this episode, they’ve just crossed the Great Basin Desert of central Wyoming. The days were hot, so the guys got started in the middle of the night. Wide open spaces and the Milky Way above. Bruce thought he was seeing things until he realized…he […]

Jeff Hoyt checks in with Bruce Morser & Bob Horsley, who crossed or skirted several mountain ranges last week (including the Tetons), en route to a ranch in Wyoming where they’re resting for a couple of days. In this episode, they struggle for words to capture the scale and grandeur of the scenery they’ve encountered. […]

Jeff Hoyt catches up to the guys as they prepare to hit the trail after a short respite near Lima, MT. As has happened every week, special guests appear. This time it’s a couple of Vashon friends who are going to ride with them for a few days. Also, the story of meeting their doppelgängers […]

  Morser & Horsley check in this week from the east side of the Continental Divide somewhere in Montana. They will continue to experience the vast differences in terrain and scenery that come from multiple crossings of the Divide. This week, they talk about the challenges of riding gravel bikes on difficult surfaces, how they’re […]